My, Permaculture Experience According to Paul

Paul Wheaton of has come up with an interesting system for those wishing to become more skilled at permacutlure.

He calls the system PEX. Which stands for Permaculture Experience “X” Where “X” is a Permaculture philosophy set of your choosing. PEP is the Permaculture Experience According to Paul.

The system is a bit more involved than I am describing here. For more information visit What is PEP and PEX? at Permies.

I’ve decided to earn a few of Paul’s badges. I most likely not try to reach level PEP4, but I think it will be fun to do some of the exercises.

I will be documenting my progress here and at the appropriate Permies forums.

In order to reach PEP1 one must earn 16 “Sand” badges. Badge descriptions can be found at The 22 aspects of PEP

I will be attempting the following “Sand” badges:

Round Woodworking

Food Prep and Preservation

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