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My New Sochi Tea Plant

19 Jun 2012

Sochi Tea Plant

I just bought a tea plant from Rock Ridge Orchards in Enumclaw.

Judy Bennett the owner of Rock Ridge was extremely helpful helping me to learn about my new Camellia Sinensis Sochi plant.

I was pretty excited to find out that there was a variety of tea plant the can tolerate the freezing of the Pacific NW. This variety of tea plant comes from the Russian area of Sochi.

I planted it on a gentle sloped hillside among the protection of several young alder trees.

I dug a very large hole and put plenty of compost, watered it thoroughly and used plenty of bark mulch on top. Hopefully in a year or so I'll have lots of tea!

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Kolomona Show S02E02

07 Feb 2012

Download MP3 Season 2 Episode 2

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Kolomona Show S02E01

07 Jan 2012

Download MP3 Season 2 Epidode 1

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Kolomona Show S01E04

07 Aug 2011

Download MP3 Season 1 Epidode 4

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Kolomona Show S01E03

07 Jul 2011

Download MP3 Season 1 Epidode 3

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